Image by Michael Olsen

About Me

Comfort zones make you stale, Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 

I'm Ash, I'm from the island of Maui living far across the country in the savvy city of Savannah. Traveling is in my DNA, I've moved about 15 times, residing in the US and internationally as a contracted entertainer, student, and military spouse for the past 2 decades. My family and I trekked in our RV for almost 2 years, towing up and down the Pacific coast into Canada, then again across the country to Georgia in 2019. It was my second USA road trip, the first was at 20, with Dixie chicks on the radio and a dear girlfriend. I'll never forget my wet sweatpants and shoes lined with plastic bags at the Grand Canyon. Good Times. 

As you read on, you'll get to know me and my moods. Brace yourself, it's all uphill and good vibes. 

My blog is about growth, wellness, managing projects using your creativity, upgrading your skills, and restoring your value, when someone tries to diminish it.

In the words of Beyonce, "Patnah let me upgrade yah" because I've done it for people offering up the best of me to help them reach their potential. These reflective days, I focus on building the builder, listening to the universe, and making valuable connections with genuine people.

Why are these things so important, because of the negative (meantime) spaces. I relate this space to an undertow, pulling us under as we fight with our will to survive for air. When the undertow is too strong and the swell looks like it might sweep you away, jump in and move with the current. Soon you'll be lifted to the surface.

*Always appreciate carefully curated experiences and combustive moments aligned with the universe. That's part of the upgrading process and where your treasured value awaits.* 

Aloha, Ash