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Updated: Mar 7

Sorry, No Jewelry Here.

You won't find any jewelry products here or makeup tips, although I've been doing a cat eye since 1998-without any fancy tape. I’m not the crafty type but have accomplished a life-sized Angry Birds game made entirely of military relocation boxes and Walmart bouncy balls. Thank you Pinterest and Susie.


Susie, my mom, graced this world for 47 years before she passed of ovarian cancer. She was an inventor, creator, tapped into the divine universe, or what some Hawaiians would refer to as ‘ike papalua. Many referred to her as Kamaile, a name that I’ve inherited, but because I’m the Jr., I'm Maile Girl. My father Nathan or Lono, has also passed on to join mom in 2009. He was a man of the Earth, grounded and hard. Especially in his later years, catering feasts for celebrations and cultivating lo’i, while tracing genealogical pathways to the land in Maui for the kupuna, Dad focused in on his roots searching for ancestral connections in uncreated databases and news articles.

Although unseen, my parents guide and counsel me at night in dreams. They'll find me on bleachers in a baseball park at my little brother's baseball game, or wait for me at our old blue house in Kahului. Those dreams used to aggravate my sadness, because it took a long time to realize that their guidance, my intuition, and quantum energy fields were actually nudging me to keep rising! My beloved parents’ lives, although short, are lessons of scale and balance pulsating in everyday decisions

WAS, AM, and WILL BE...

This blog revisits everything I WAS, AM, and WILL BE in the journey forward as a seasoned nomad, content creator, researcher, writer, artist, project manager, counselor, consultant, and owner of my life. I might write about my first visit to Auschwitz in Poland or tomorrow, create a savory Charcuterie board, for entertaining. My favorite kitchen hobby. I'll also touch on topics relative to politics and parenting, military life, travel, career, and the quantification of value-added value added to our lives because of our experiences, no matter how big or small, all the good, and the junk. It all matters.


In the meantime...If you haven't already done something that was outside of your comfort zone... go do it NOW. Try a new skill, like get yourself some Canva! Canva is the graphic arranger’s dream. You know…like a floral arranger?! I call myself a graphic arranger because that’s my current Super Mario girl level in graphic design.

The meantime is a good time to get started on something fresh and new. Like investing in YOU, and not letting anyone (especially yourself) diminish your VALUE. Just meditate and breath it AWAY, cut those chords, I promise. It's possible. Get yourself a clean space, that book you've been wanting to read, a meditation app, and set a routine. Enjoy your evolution.


Interested in learning more about a topic, send me a writing prompt? Want to see more of my graphic arrangements Give me a theme and I'll stir something up.

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